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Comprehensive Diagnostics

Digital Radiography: Digital x-rays  allow us to capture the image of bones and internal organs instantly.  These images are available on computer for immediate diagnostics.

Ultrasound:  Ultrasound is another non-invasive and painless diagnostic tool which provides a more detailed examination of internal organs and developing fetuses. Dr. Lancaster is qualified to use ultrasound.  If an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) is needed we bring an ultrasound specialist to our clinic.

Electrocardiography (ECG): We use our ECG monitor to assess the electrical activity of the heart.

In-House Diagnostic Lab: We have a complete in-house laboratory when urgent testing is required.

Parasite Screening: Some parasites are transmissible to humans so annual screening for intestinal parasites is an important step to ensure your pet and family members stay healthy.  Stools can appear to be normal as most parasites are not visible to the naked eye.  A teaspoon of fresh feces is required to perform the test which is sent to an outside lab.  Results are usually available the following day.

In-House Pharmacy: We have a pharmacy in the hospital that can provide medications for most needs including pain, infections, allergies and prescriptions.  If you require a refill on your medication kindly give the staff 24 hours notice.

Outside Laboratory Services: If more extensive testing, biopsies and cultures are required we send out samples to a specialist laboratory service.

Hospitalization and Pet Care:  In some circumstances, pets need intensive care and treatment requiring a stay with us.  Under the supervision of the doctor, our dedicated technicians will monitor your animal and provide treatments as prescribed.  The end goal is to keep your pet comfortable and send them home as quickly as possible.  In the event that a patient will need round the clock care they can be referred to a local 24 hour facility.

If after hours or emergency care is needed, please contact either:

VCA Aurora                                                 2600 W. Galena Blvd.                                Aurora, IL 60506                                       

(630) 301-6100

Emergency Veterinary Services of St. Charles

530 Dunham Rd.

St. Charles, IL 60174

(630) 584-7447

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